Our team delivers reliable, experienced, certified service for every one of our customers. Each team member has Car Gold Certification, which guarantees the highest level of body shop expertise. We can handle every accident-related mechanical and electrical repair that comes our way. And any time you need general repairs, please be sure to contact us. We’ll be happy to refer you to one of the skilled shop in the area.


State of the Art Diagnostic Equipments guarantee like new appearance for repair, renovation or resale. We use the latest technology advances to the fullest, to deliver a great outcome every time. Our painting is computerized and our digital photography guarantees the perfect paint match. Auto + Air Care is certified in all aspects of painting –single stage, urethane, base coat, clear coat, trim stage and waterborne. We have it all.


Take advantage of Auto + Air Care expertise with a general inspection and exhaust emissions test. BMW vehicle testing begins with a preliminary check, during which you’re A Auto and Air Care is minutely examined in preparation for the MOT test. We then inform you of any deficiencies or defects, and repair them using the most advanced technology, as well as Original A Auto and Air Care.
The general inspection and exhaust emissions test is performed by our partners directly on our premises. This gives you competent and convenient service, and all at one location.


Whether you’re in need of a rotation or have tires that are wearing or pulling, it’s important to understand what’s causing the problem. This is an area where A Auto and Air care moves beyond the typical repair shop. Our advanced diagnostic equipment gets to the root of the problem and provides the answer that goes past the symptoms. Aligning a car or balancing tires isn’t permanent solution if the problem is deeper than that.
A auto and Air Care has the tools and the talent to provide our customers with perfectly aligned vehicles. We handle alignments, rotations and balancing. Our Specialists are also able to determine the underlying problem and fix it.


Automatic transmissions typically fail due to internally overheating. This is usually a direct result of poor maintenance.
Automatic Transmission servicing will help extending the life of your transmission and in most cases providing smoother gear changes. We only use Premium high grade fully synthetic transmission fluid.


We have one of the most up-to-date and comprehensive workshops in Ontario. Fully fitted bays with hoists means that working on your vehicles is not only easier and safer-it’s also quicker, saving your money. We have qualified technicians who operate our hi-tech equipment to keep your vehicle in tip-top conditions.

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